Pulp & Paper / Packaging

The Pulp and Paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose-based products. Many Pulp and Paper companies include divisions which take the finished paper to make corrugated boxes (Packaging Industry) and other products, such as tissues or diapers.

Pulp, Paper, and Packaging all use unique, large machinery in order to make finished products. Often, the focus of this production involves the reliability and performance of these machines, as well as the overall quality and safety initiatives. Our firm works with a variety of companies in this industry, many of whom are long-time players offering stability and multiple career paths. Many schools around the United States offer specific degrees – such as Pulp and Paper Science and other engineering disciplines – to prepare one for a career in this industry.

We have deep roots in the Pulp, Paper, and Packaging industries, as we have forged many relationships over the years with both client companies and talented candidates.