Consumer Goods / CPG

The Consumer Goods Industry generally includes food, beverages, cleaning products, textiles/apparel and electronics, such as batteries. A closely related – and sometimes overlapping – industry is CPG, or consumer goods packaging, which denotes low cost goods. Both industries are defined by products that are directly purchased by a consumer, rather than intermediates that are used by other manufacturers.

Consumer Goods manufacturing often focus on quality and regulations, since products go directly to the shelf. There is a higher emphasis on packaging and bottling, and increasing production while reducing costs is a main tenet of these processes. Our firm focuses on sites that are seeking specific experience in fast paced manufacturing using complex equipment. As such, plant leadership, process improvement, maintenance, electrical, quality, and environmental roles are common. The industry is attractive for many reasons, including the challenges and problem solving it requires, which opens long-term growth opportunities.

Our team works with top talent and connects great individuals with outstanding companies that make up the backbone of this industry.