Automotive / Discrete Manufacturing

The Automotive Industry is synonymous with the growth of American industrial achievement and remains a major part of the US economy. The industry involves the manufacturing assembly of automobiles, which is a complex process involving many tier one suppliers. It is also the most recognized example of Discrete Manufacturing, an industry term for the manufacturing of finished products that are distinct items capable of being easily counted, touched or seen, as opposed to materials that are constantly changing in form and volume.

Automotive manufacturing often focuses to a high degree on quality control, since the testing standards are stringent. Building for the long-term reliability of automobiles is among the well-researched and innovative fields in the manufacturing world. Automotive plants are often highly mechanical in nature, consisting of many parts, robots, and fast assembly, while using state-of-the art technology. Many mechanical and electrical engineers enjoy this industry’s unique challenges.

We partner with many companies who serve the automotive industry, directly or indirectly, as many chemical and plastics companies have specific divisions dedicated to their automotive clients.