About Pace & Jacobs

Serving the chemical and allied industries, Pace & Jacobs has a reputation for placing talented candidates with high-growth companies throughout the United States.


We commit to finding the best possible match for all of our clients. We have heavily invested into our well-developed relationships and cutting-edge technologies to provide hiring solutions.


Our screening process ensures that a professional relationship will be mutually beneficial and prosperous for many years. We are always open about the pros and cons of any potential match. Our clients are long-term, loyal, and expect the high standard of ethics that we uphold.


We believe communication is the key to good business relationships, and this is not just a worn motto. Communication involves both listening and informing. We listen to the individual concerns of every client that contacts us. We inform each client of any relevant information in a timely manner.


We understand that the key to finding the right match often lies in the details. When we begin our search with a job description, we make sure to understand fully and accurately exactly what a company is looking for. Likewise, we make sure we understand the goals of each candidate. When details are considered, we find the hiring process becomes much easier for all parties.


We deliver them. That is why we retain our clients and continue to work with them, not just for short-term goals, but for their longevity.